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September 24th, 2016
Toy Sale & Charity Drive

With over 10,000 toys donated from some of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, this event was the start of amazing opportunities for these children. They learned about philanthropy and what it means to them, how to get others involved in the community, as well as the basics of fundraising. In the process they managed to touch the hearts of so many people while making new friends and having fun!


To say that the 2016 Toy Sale & Charity event was a success is an understatement. We are so incredibly proud of all the children who worked hard to put this together. 


Many people have been asking similar questions; “How much did you raise?” or “What’s the total?” We have been contemplating the reply. The reason is that the total earnings really do not measure the success of the event nor the experience learned. These children have touched people's lives forever, and it is something they will never forget. We would like to continue to drive that energy, build on their love, and feed their ambition to “make the world a better place.” Money does not mean anything to them at this point and there is something quite nice about that innocence. Most importantly it is not the driving factor to achieve their dreams. 


We would like to make it clear that we have opened the books to all of the beneficiaries involved.  The most important thing is that 100% of the earnings went directly to them.


We want to share some really amazing facts about the day and thank our sponsors:


  1. Apart from the main beneficiaries, Cary’s cancer fund, The Cancer Foundation, as well as The Children's Cancer Foundation, we held a raffle for Mother's Choice where 33 people participated to win a Nerf Rival Blaster (Congratulations Callum)

  2. We were able to support a great organization called Rett's Roost by sponsoring an Art Therapist for their next retreat. 

  3. On the day of the event, we created a "giving box", where people could buy a toy and place it in the box as they were leaving.  People were so generous and now will be able to provide 34 welcome packages for children currently at the Ronald McDonald House. We are arranging a meet and greet with the children so they can hand them out to each child.

  4. We received 11,393 toys, games, books, and sporting goods from our 50 sponsors. Thank you!

  5. Our Gold Sponsor, TS Toys, was responsible for 1/2 of all of those products and toys

  6. Our Silver Sponsor, Spinmaster Toys, donated 1,342 products and toys

  7. Our Bronze Sponsor, Palamon, donated 810 amazing and fun costumes

  8. HH Space & Jumpstart Mandarin provided a venue that surpassed our expectations.  They accommodated thousands of boxes that were left on their doorstep the day before, all with a smile, as well as helped us on the day of our event.

  9. Cobow Contracting was a life saver, not only offering warehouse space, but also the transportation and labor to get the products to the HH Space venue.

  10. IROCO Design was kind enough to provide extra tables and chairs which allowed us to showcase the toys. Without them, we would have been in a pickle!

  11. There were 200 entrance tickets purchased. Yes, we got lucky with an even number, however, that does not include all the children that came with each of the adults who entered. They were just too quick and too many to count!

  12. Gangas, Casa, Hebe 101, Jaspas, and Classified restaurants all sponsored door prizes with gift vouchers.

  13. Wine Rack and Platinum Group supplied the beverages - (along with the help of Ms. Samantha at the lemonade stand)

  14. We made a new friendship with the Boys and Girls Club Association.  They brought us much needed additional volunteers to the event. They were fantastic, smiling and so wonderful throughout the day. We will continue to grow this relationship, next helping with their toy sale.

  15. With the help from BGCA the remaining toys at the event were sent to 5 centres around Hong Kong to support underprivileged families.

  16. There was a grand total of 69 volunteers! 43 of them were Children.

  17. Roughly 85 people so far have asked when the next event will be…. we are still recovering from this one :-)


Great job to all involved! We are still in awe of the generosity from our sponsors and the many, many volunteers. Thank you so much for all your help in making this a very memorable event and an experience that these children will never forget!

Project Follow-up

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