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As our Little Philanthropist ambassadors explore non-profit organizations, we hope the agencies realize the important role they play in the learning process for these children.  The discussion, research, communication, and decision-making are all part of the process and help these children develop into educated, caring and passionate philanthropists.

The non-profit organizations listed below have agreed to be partners in the projects conducted by the Little Philanthropist Ambassadors.  We encourage you to review their information as part of your exploration of non-profits. If you are non-profit and are not on the list below, become a partner of Little Philanthropist by registering your Non-Profit Organization with us.

Click HERE for details on how to register. Once we receive your registration, it may take a few days for your information to be qualified and updated on the site.

ImpactHK began with the ambition of doing one kind act for the homeless per month. This step has resulted in many more and an education on how to truly help our city’s most in need.

ImpactHK is now a registered charity that transforms the lives of the homeless by giving them a real second chance.

Everyday, ImpactHK is on the streets supporting the homeless with essentials, building trust and friendships.
Hong Kong Cancer Fund
Hong Kong Cancer Fund is Hong Kong's largest cancer support organisation, providing free information and professional support to anyone living with or affected by cancer.
The Children's Cancer Foundation
For over 25 years, the Children’s Cancer Foundation has been providing caring service for families of young children with cancer.
Rett's Roost
A peaceful, supportive place for families that have experienced life with childhood cancer first-hand. Our core values are rooted in empathy, acceptance, and the mind-body-spirit connection.
Boys & Girls Club Association
The Association was founded in 1936. In the past, we served and nurtured street children with no formal schooling. Through learning to read and write, participate in games and sports, acquiring material support and job skills, these children were able to develop their interests, potentials and become contributing citizens.
Ronald McDonald House
RMHC is an independent registered non-profit organization in Hong Kong, and it has become our "Charity of Choice" since its establishment in 1996 with Ronald McDonald HouseTM as its cornerstone project.
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