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2018 ImpactHK Fundraiser

ImpactHK began with the ambition of doing one kind act for the homeless per month. This step has resulted in many more and an education on how to truly help our city’s most in need.  

ImpactHK is now a registered charity that transforms the lives of the homeless by giving them a real second chance. 

Everyday, ImpactHK is on the streets supporting the homeless with essentials, building trust and friendships. 


Project Follow-up


September 2018, we had a last minute fundraiser just after Typhoon Mangkhut for ImpactHK. Momentai in Sai Kung was kind enough to host us on one of their busiest days of the week!


Impact HK never started out with the intention of creating a charity. Three years ago, our founder – Jeff Rotmeyer – had the idea of doing one kind act per month for the homeless. This would mean a walk through the more impoverished areas of Hong Kong and handing out supplies to those in need. This initiative really touched the hearts of volunteers throughout Hong Kong, becoming quite popular and giving Impact HK the opportunity to make a greater impact. They progressed to doing two walks a month, then four, and so on. They now do more than 40 walks per month in five locations across Hong Kong, and ImpactHK became a registered charity in March 2017.


Given the situation of Hong Kong after the typhoon with loads of homes damaged and many left without, we felt an unusual connection. We had 3 hours of express selling on all the items we brought. We had an amazing turnout with such short notice and managed to sell out of everything (with the last 30 minutes being an express sale).


We are very happy with everything we achieved and all the help from our volunteers and most importantly Momentai for allowing us to pitch up in their venue!


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