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Project Follow-up

During the 2016 Toy Drive and Charity Sale, the Little Philanthropist gathered toys purchased by the guests and left for the Ronald McDonald House children. These toys were donated to make the children feel more comfortable and happy during their stay at the Ronald McDonald House while having treatments. 

Five Little Philanthropist ambassadors were able to go into the Ronald McDonald house and distribute the toys, sing songs and even play with the guests while there. 

Everyone had an amazing time and even left with a little souvenir to remember the day and new friendships made.

Ronald McDonald House
Welcome Pack Donations

The mission of Ronald McDonald House is to provide a 'home away from home' - accommodation for families so they can stay close to their hospitalized children. They believe that when a child is hospitalized, the love and support of family is as powerful as the best medicine prescribed. By providing a comfortable and caring environment, they hope it can help to keep family units together during what can be extremely stressful times.

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