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BGCA 80th Anniversary
Scientific Conference

This is a very significant milestone for BGCA. We see the tremendous opportunity for our next generation to grow stronger and better in this increasingly complex, competitive and challenging environment. BGCA took this special anniversary celebration to host the Conference, titled “Invest in our Young for a Brighter Tomorrow”, and embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in children and youth services.

Project Follow-up

We were so happy to have to have been invited to join the BGCA’s 80th Anniversary Scientific Conference and truly felt like an honoured guest!

BGCA started their organization eighty years ago by simply providing a place and simple activities to needy children. Since then BGCA has transformed and firmly established itself as a leading non-government social service organisation focusing on the welfare, well-being and development of the children and youth of Hong Kong.

This was a time to celebrate the remarkable achievements of BGCA, and discover novel opportunities, broaden our knowledge in children and youth development, exchange ideas,  and meet new friends through this Conference. 

This Conference had a multi-disciplinary focus broadly covering various issues relating to the development of children and youth in this day and age. Professor James Heckman and Dr. James Pawelski were the distinguished keynote speakers. Professor Heckman offer great insight in early childhood development and Dr. Pawelski has expert experience in positive psychology.

What moved us most were the opening speeches where we discovered that the speakers were part of the program themselves as a child. 

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