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2017 Project Santa

This year the Little Philanthropists got the opportunity to partner with the Boys and Girls Club Association to distribute toys to underprivileged kids in the community.


It was a perfect way to end the year and begin our own holiday festivities.


The best part of the whole day was to see the amazing smiles on all these children's faces.

Project Follow-up


The year ended with the most amazing experience and opportunity to give back to our community. We are so incredibly proud of all the children who worked hard to put this together. We had roughly 20 volunteers helping organize and also attend on the day to distribute the gifts and play games with the kids of BGCA.


The children collected a grand total of 489 toys which were distributed to a few BGCA centers around Hong Kong. Currently, the BGCA has 75 centers which deploy resources to support children from low-income and poverty-stricken families.  As of 2017, their active participants for these services were over 1.5 million people!


One of the counselors came to us at the end of the event and said "The Little Philanthropist truly did make an impact today. I have been working with some of these children for over 6 years and some just never smile.... until today!" 


We wanted to take time to thank sponsors below who donated all of the toys and made this very special day possible. We cannot thank you enough for all of the support you have given us. Every little bit helps and it all adds up. 


1. Progear

2. Trends

3. Trends2Com

4. Spy Gear

5. Yvolution

6. Marvins Magic

7. Best Made Toys

8. Lissi Dolls And Toys HK

9. Madmouse

10. Alley Oop

11. Anarky Sportz

12. Nu Look Ipi Entreprises

13. Upyaa!




Great job to all involved! We are still in awe of the generosity and the many, many volunteers. Thank you so much for all your help in making this a very memorable event and an experience that these children will never forget!



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