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Little Philanthropist & China Coast Community

Little Philanthropists ambassadors, Jeorge (8), Samantha (6) and Sabbie (6), made their way to China Coast Community, in Kowloon Tong, to volunteer and spend time doing arts and crafts with this elderly community. Each weekend, during the school holidays, they prepared their next craft for the scheduled Monday class. Together they made greeting cards, decorations, pinwheels, and lanterns with the participants. 

Project Follow-up

China Coast Community is a unique Care and Attention Home in Hong Kong. It provides residential care for English speaking elderly persons regardless of their financial circumstances. This was the first project for the Little Philanthropist ambassadors and it enabled them to think about their community in a different way.

During the school holidays, each Monday morning the girls would head to the China Coast Community centre to host their arts & crafts class. They were solely responsible for the lesson plan, organising the materials, preparing the work stations on class day.  The children then taught the residents how to make the chosen craft of the day.

The Little Philanthropist Ambassadors were able to gain a new found confidence. They were now in charge.  The residents would listen to the directions while the kids were doing something they loved. This was also a very big learning experience for them not only because they have never done anything like this before but also because they had to learn to adapt to a different environment. 

Working with elderly presented new challenges for these children. The first time they taught their class they spoke as if they were teaching one of their friends, however they were quick to realise that the elderly were not quite as flexible with their ability to use certain supplies.  The children needed to adapt their crafts to suit the residents' ability to complete the projects. Early on scissors were replaced with pre-cut paper that the children prepared the weekend before.  We doubled the size of our greeting cards to make the project easier and learned that the more sparkles you have the better!!  Sparkles are great for covering up mistakes and make every project look fabulous!

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