As little philanthropists, our mission is to combine helping our local community while learning. We are involved from the ideation progress, thinking together about who, what and how we want to contribute to the charities of our choice, to organize and learn by doing large scale and small scale projects

Upcoming and Latest Projects

2018- ImpactHK Fundraiser @Momentai
This September, we supported ImpactHK at Momentai, a local Sai Kung eatery to help raise money for homeless in need.
2017 Playing Santa
This Year the Little Philanthropists get to play Santa and bring joy to the kids at the BGCA. Stay tuned for more details!
2017 Food Angel
Recently Food Angle partnered with park and shop and left bins where you could put your unwanted food purchases or buy a little extra to help someone in need.
2017 Upcycled Sale
Project Follow-up
The Little Philanthropist scoured the town to find old boxes, newspapers, jars, bottles, and corks from the local shops and restaurants to create beautiful works of art.
WWF-Save the Animals
The Little Philanthropists wanted to help make a difference and learn to do a new skilled craft! They got together and with the help of one of our parent volunteers, made origami animals.
They worked very hard over a few weeks creating these beautiful masterpieces and then sold them at the local school fair raising enough money to donate to the WWF.
2016 Christmas Donation
A very generous donation was made of handy craft items which were distributed to children in the community
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