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Project Follow-up

The Hebe 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race is one of only four 24 Hour race events worldwide and boasts as being the ONLY and LONGEST running 24 hour endurance aquathon in Hong Kong and South East Asia. The event featured a mini village for visitors to enjoy the weekend, with plenty to entertain all the family which is where the Little Philanthropists had their booth.

Held just in front of Hebe Haven Yacht Club, the 24 Hour race offered a new and challenging event, race around a short course within the Pak Sha Wan bay which kept the boats within sight of the Club. Teams raced for 24 hours with stops to change crews at intervals throughout the race.

While the race was going on the Little Philanthropist ambassadors where in the village selling the toys that were donated from our sponsors. There were 4 volunteers on the Saturday and 6 on the sunday. We even recruited 3 more ambassadors who jumped in while things were getting busy.


Just to make sure we sold out, the last hour was a marathon sale. Samantha got on the loud speaker to make the announcement and then everything went for $10. By the end there were still a few items left so the Little Philanthropist ambassadors brought them to the local merchant in Pak Sha Wan so he could resell them. He was ever so grateful which warmed our hearts! 

All in all a Fantastic weekend!

24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race

The 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race is hosted by Hebe Haven Yacht Club in Pak Sha Wan, Sai kung. The annual event is now heading towards is 15th year, having raised over HK$10 million for its beneficiaries since its inception. The focus this year was on children's causes such as the Childrens Cancer Foundation, IDEAL, Sailability Hong Kong, Treats and the Sai Kung District Community Centre. The event took place over a 2 day weekend with over 2,000 people passing through its gates.

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